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Dog leashes are very essential when you own a dog. These are so many advantages that dog leashes can offer to the safety of your dog. Some of the advantages are that by having a dog leach, you can prevent any accidents that may happen to your dog such as getting hit by a car and falling into whole.

When it comes to dog leashes like light up dog leash, it has variety of designs and types. Below are the most common types of dog leashes.


The most common leash that can be bought in the market is the standard leash. These leashes are great for everyday activities such as walking your dog in the neighbourhood or in the park. They measure between 4 to 8 feet. Standard leashes can be made from different materials.


Then there is also the adjustable light up dog leash. This kind of leash is somehow similar to standard leash. The difference is that it has loops that allow you to shorten and lengthen the leash whenever you desire. The good thing about this leash is that it allows your dog to have more walking room without you having to worry.


Retractable leashes are like the measuring tape device that enables you to have full control over the slack of the leash. The leash is great in length that it holds up to 26 feet of slack of the nylon cord that can also be kept neatly when it retracts in its plastic case.


These leashes are great foe dogs who like to walk around a lot but with the control still of the owner. However the retractable leash may only be used when the dog has tried to walk with a standard leash. 


Aside from the types of leash, there are other factors that you must consider when buying one. This includes the length of the leash. Sure there that you can buy a leash in the market that hold up to 26 feet. However it is not very ideal for dog to have a leash with so much slack especially when it has not been trained yet with a leash. You can only increase the length of the leash as the dog progress with its training.


It is also very important that the clips of the leashes is working effectively. A good clip is one that fasten to a metal ring be ascertain that there is no way a dog can run away. Also, to avoid rust in the clip, make sure that you buy the metal clip.


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